Do different MD doctors treat the same disease differently?

MD doctors opinionsThe answer is, unfortunately, yes.

It means that when you have a medical problem and you go to your MD doctor, you may receive slightly different treatment based on which MD doctor you visit. This may make you wonder if you are getting the right treatment from your MD doctor.

Well, there is no definite and correct answer. Each MD doctor may think he is giving you the better treatment. This difference in treatment can be found at several different levels. If you happen to see a different MD doctor on the same group practice, you will find that the individual MD doctor has slightly different style and somewhat different choice of medications. If you now go to a different group practice in the same town, you will probably find greater differences in the diagnostic techniques as well as the treatment options.

If you are from a small town and always go to your family MD doctor, family MD doctoryou may be surprised by the difference in treatment your MD doctor has to offer and the treatment options offered at a large university practice.

When there is so much difference in the way MD doctors practice medicine, how do you know which MD doctor to trust?

Before we answer that question, let us find out why there is such a large variation in medical practice. It depends on what kind of training that MD doctor has received. Someone trained at large university residency program may have slightly different preference of treatment options than someone who trained at a community hospital. It also depends upon the time since the MD doctor graduated from the medical school. If someone just graduated in the last few years, he will practice somewhat differently than someone who graduated 10 years prior to him..

If there are so many factors that go into the way MD doctors practice medicine, how do you find the right MD doctor for you?

That is a good question. I wish I could give you a simple formula to make that decision but that is not possible. What I have done in this chapter in the book "The Secrets of Modern Medicine Revealed" is describe how MD doctors in different types of practice settings think and how that reflects in the treatments they prescribe. I have also described the advantages and disadvantages of these different types of settings. After you read the chapter, you can make up your own mind about what type of practice suits your needs.